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[Pinned] Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xt No.1138 [Reply]
If the site goes down sometimes it's because I get the video info from someone else and their site goes down sometimes.

Anonymous US No.1140 [Reply]
My school just blocked the main site
is there a way you can make sure this one can never gets blocked

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1141 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1202 [Reply]
please fix the site

Anonymous US No.1205 [Reply]

Jack53737 US No.1227 [Reply]
As cool as I think this is, the website crashes often and 95% of the videos are “copyrighted” I actually want to know what’s going on.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1228 [Reply]
I use someone else's API and all they give me is "service unavailable"

Jordan US No.1229 [Reply]
why do you use someone else's API?

Luna US No.1245 [Reply]
yea exactly.. use your own maybe? :/

Anonymous US No.1250 [Reply]
Dude this is so freaking annoying man. I can't watch anything. Use your own API please

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1254 [Reply]
Because I can't

Jordan US No.1257 [Reply]
Forgot it or it won't let you?

Anonymous US No.1265 [Reply]
i said this to me---> Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, p#$!words, messages, or credit cards).

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1266 [Reply]

America answer is key US No.1269 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1271 [Reply]
could you tell me what site please i wanna help you with this site

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1273 [Reply]
>>1272If you don't try to steal my name maybe. Talk to me on Discord.

Anonymous US No.1283 [Reply]
ok but what site do you get the videos

Anonymous US No.1424 [Reply]

hi hi US No.1447 [Reply]

YO Yeeboi92 US No.1450 [Reply]
Whats the other website?

Anonymous US No.1831 [Reply]
It violates millions of copyright rights and and digi#@!al property rights.

jdfKSHFKJ GB No.1838 [Reply]

Balls sacks Anonymous US No.1874 [Reply]
My bags are to saggy can you suck them

Anonymous US No.1923 [Reply]
Reload the page when that happens
It’s just a bug

life lily US No.2071 [Reply]

Isaiah Blake US No.2154 [Reply]
I wonder if you made a backup?

THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS WHEN I TRY WATCHING A VIDEOThis site can’t be refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall