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fornite smithtymere123 No.113 [Reply]

go guarduian No.112 [Reply]
block it please

A ebook Foxiuh No.111 [Reply]
So I found a video on youtube of a book being read aloud, and the video is not on here, normally, that would not be a problem, but my laptop was taken so I can't use my laptop to watch it, so I am using my school chromebook, but they blocked youtube, so I went to this, but the video is not here, I wish that this is fixed soon.

SAO abridged Anonymous No.108 [Reply]
when i tried to watch SAO abridged the video would not play

Anonymous No.109 [Reply]
sao is trash,im having the same problem as well

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.110 [Reply]
Probably will need to upgrade youtube-dl to the latest version again, it has issues with videos with copyright claims on them. Also SAO is trash. :^)

Anonymous Anonymous No.106 [Reply]
This may be the only site for unblocked videos on youtube at my school, So keep up the good work!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.107 [Reply]

Anonymous No.102 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.99 [Reply]
Apparently videojs does not work with iOS devices so I might have to remove videojs and replace with pure-HTML5.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.100 [Reply]
ok i think i fixed it.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.101 [Reply]
Also 100 GET

uh dunno Big boi 23 No.93 [Reply]
you should add chanels

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.98 [Reply]

Anonymous No.94 [Reply]
not working

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.97 [Reply]
What browser are you using?

Anonymous No.95 [Reply]
it says media unavailble or network crash when ever I click on a video.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.96 [Reply]
What browser are you using?

isaiah No.78 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.79 [Reply]

basketball kevin ware No.50 [Reply]
breaks leg

njn/n. mnmkkl/ No.89 [Reply]
I just got a the new drum gun in fortnite battle royal ali-a intro

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.90 [Reply]
Dun dun dun duna dun dun duna dun Dun dun dun duna dun dun duna dun Dun dun dun duna dun dun duna dun Dun dun dun duna

download Anonymous No.87 [Reply]
Why can't I download any thing.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.88 [Reply]
Just added a download button to the video player.

Anonymous No.83 [Reply]
Error: Access Not Configured. YouTube Data API has not been used in project 529026176587 before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/youtube.googleapis.com/overview?project=529026176587 then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.

why does it say that

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.84 [Reply]
Should be fixed now, there was an issue with the API Key.

Anonymous No.85 [Reply]
thanks so much youre the best

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.86 [Reply]
Thanks :-)

This Site Zexx No.81 [Reply]
i love this sight its amazing so whoever made it you deserve a medal

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.82 [Reply]

i liked yeet yeet yeet No.80 [Reply]
I liked

Just A Compliment Anonymous No.76 [Reply]
Thank you for making this!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.77 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.75 [Reply]
So guys, we did it, we reached a thousand daily users, 1,000 users and still growing the fact that we've reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I'm-I'm just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this website and helping it grow. I-I love you guys... You guys are just awesome.

P.S. I just realized that the new thread form has been broken for ~1 month and have finally fixed it. :^)

thank you! malachi No.56 [Reply]
Thank you carver For fixing this now i will be able to watch unblocked vidz :)

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.57 [Reply]

tyler s. No.59 [Reply]
best website ever

error-advice darklite No.63 [Reply]
it keeps showing
Error: Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/youtube.googleapis.com/quotas?project=713047987429 and i havent even used it

Ghost No.64 [Reply]
i know, same here. Carver we need your help.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.65 [Reply]
Okay, I am going to try to get more YouTube API Quota.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.66 [Reply]
Okay, I have fixed the issue and raised the quota to 2,000,000 from 1,000,000.

Ghost No.68 [Reply]

thanks darklite No.69 [Reply]
thank you

error darklite No.71 [Reply]
>>69 erm it happened againError: Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console 3,000,000?

darklite No.72 [Reply]
it happened again m8

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.73 [Reply]

ok added more quota

Anonymous No.74 [Reply]

tyler S. No.60 [Reply]
now i can listen to music at school

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.53 [Reply]
Okay so I noticed that the website is going down every so often. Probably someone is trying to watch a video that is problematic for youtube-dl. I will be rewriting the backend to be more stable.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.54 [Reply]
I have found the source of the issue. The version of youtube-dl that LiteTube is using is outdated and therefore is not compatible with the small changes youtube just made to their site. I am upgrading youtube-dl to the latest version (2018.11.07).

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.55 [Reply]
Okay I have fixed it. Also made it so in the future it will not crash the website when one video fails to load.

sever malachi No.48 [Reply]
So every time i try to watch a vid it says sever crash and wont let me play the vid idk what to do :(

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.52 [Reply]
What is the video ID?

Ac No.49 [Reply]
when i whatch a video it would not letme

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.51 [Reply]
Which video?

Live Streams Anonymous No.38 [Reply]
past live streams that have been recorded and posted to YT, for example, Nick Eh 30's livestreams, do not play when i try to watch them, I'm not sure if this is a client or server-side issue, but I greatly appreciate it if you would look into it!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.40 [Reply]
I'll look into it.

Anonymous No.43 [Reply]
thanks, i'll let you know if i find anything else, btw this is the same person who suggested related videos. lol

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.44 [Reply]
You can always use a tripcode or name to let people know that you are you lol.

Ghost No.47 [Reply]
lol true, Ill do that from now on

Ben 10 No.46 [Reply]
Hello I hope you guys don't like the Ben 10 reboot.If you do then frick you.

love and hipe hop of manai Anonymous No.42 [Reply]

Video Description Anonymous No.37 [Reply]
Video description

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.39 [Reply]
Videos already have descriptions.

Ease of Use Anonymous No.31 [Reply]
Add a feature to where you can click on another video directly after watching the first one instead of having to go back to the search bar to find another video.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.34 [Reply]
Will add related videos by tomorrow.

Anonymous No.35 [Reply]
sweet, thanks!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.36 [Reply]
Added related videos to every watch page below the description.

Anonymous No.32 [Reply]
You should do an unblocker because at my school they block everything but this so probably do an unblcoker

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.33 [Reply]
It sounds easy to do in concept, however, it requires changing every single URL to point through the unblocking service which is difficult to do in 2018 because of the increasing use of JavaScript in webpages. I tried it back in 2016 and it didn't work that well. Another issue is that school firewall software like Lightspeed or iBoss use content filters to detect content to block so it would detect banned keywords in the webpage and then block it.

Anonymous No.41 [Reply]
You can use plain iframes to bypass some goguardian blocks, but they have to have iframes enabled.
(eg <iframe src="coolmath-games.com">)

More variety Anonymous No.29 [Reply]
Use a larger variety of vids

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.30 [Reply]
Implemented in #9

Added multiple pages to search results, click "Next" and "Previous" to change pages. Results may look stale because LiteTube does not use user information to personalize search results.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.28 [Reply]
Hello and welcome to the Dorper LiteTube suggestion section! Feel free to leave suggestions for LiteTube.