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Isabel No.232 [Reply]
Is it just us but is the video portion of this website not cooperating with my computer? The people I know who use this website say that the API of the website is not properly working. It used to work but now I'm not sure how to access the video portion of this website.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.234 [Reply]
Yes, it is because I had disabled the caching service which causes the API to run through the quota over 3x as fast. I will fix it as soon as possible.

Anonymous No.226 [Reply]

Anonymous No.196 [Reply]

Carver No.2 [Reply]
Welcome to the new comment system!

Jeff Dunham No.10 [Reply]
What's good b?

Carver No.11 [Reply]
Everything is cool and good, it just took way too long to get this comment system working. I had to spend half a day writing the imageboard engine and then another two hours getting it to actually run in production.

error darklite No.61 [Reply]

dudes i keep getting this message saying i have exceeded
<a href="/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota">quota</a>.

advice darklite No.62 [Reply]
can you give me advice carver?

Carver!B2r7n5jp ## Admin No.67 [Reply]
See https://c.d0.cx/t/56?quote=66.