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Anonymous US No.1527 [Reply]
deeeeeeeezez nuuuuuuts

Kaitlyn US No.764 [Reply]
does anyone have any suggestions on what to watch

Anonymous xx No.391 [Reply]
Litetube and it's backup are blocked for me what should I do?

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.393 [Reply]
Try the new backup at https://yt.dawnos.us

Kaylene xx No.409 [Reply]
that doesnt work anymore either

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.410 [Reply]
The server got unplugged, it should be back up by tomorrow.

windows 10 yes HT No.14 [Reply]
u know your windows 10 install is blessed when u see this

post fresh windows 10 meme here

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.15 [Reply]
Did you actually put "succpapi" as your username?

Anonymous xx No.16 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.17 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.27 [Reply]
who care

Anonymous US No.771 [Reply]
yt dawnos no work :/

none jenna conrad xx No.70 [Reply]
i love this website

Anonymous xx No.405 [Reply]
Checking back in on if it's possible to create a dorper for Twitch

Anonymous500 xx No.392 [Reply]
LiteTube isn't working for me......help!! I wanna get my YouTube on!!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.394 [Reply]
Try the new backup at https://yt.dawnos.us.

Anonymous xx No.390 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.235 [Reply]
litetube is not working because to much people are on it what to do.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.236 [Reply]
It should be working by tomorrow!

me_irl Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.411 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.412 [Reply]
Also litetube machine works again

 epic pro stand xx No.424 [Reply]
thats called a lie

mkjmkjmkjo US No.758 [Reply]

lil tjay forever xx No.388 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1331 [Reply]

abc usavictor US No.18 [Reply]
meow meow meow

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.19 [Reply]

hi xx No.148 [Reply]
How do i get on youtube at school

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.151 [Reply]
Using Dorper LiteTube of course! :)

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.152 [Reply]

more suggestions Robo xx No.458 [Reply]
1.space always pauses the video without having to press the pause button every time

2.a deleting history option
"like you-tube"

3.arrows control volume option

4.in settings being able to choose what button does what

that's all for now thanks for reading

oofy oof US No.770 [Reply]
why u tryna delete ur history ?!?!?!

Anonymous US No.1285 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1295 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1277 [Reply]
Are we going to be able to search channels up and find their channel icon?

Anonymous US No.1286 [Reply]
go on there video and click on there channel

Anonymous US No.1284 [Reply]

oof Anonymous US No.1281 [Reply]

Idea Hunter Campbell US No.1270 [Reply]
I was thinking you guys should make us be able to login and upload videos and stuff that would be cool and tell all creators/helpers i said great job on the site no problems ever

Anonymous US No.1248 [Reply]

Tf yall doing Lil folk US No.1221 [Reply]
Fuc% sch00l rn

Anonymous US No.821 [Reply]
yes its coming together

Lil folk US No.1220 [Reply]
Tf yall doing its school time

error Anonymous US No.1213 [Reply]
Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /www/yt/lib/bootstrap.php on line 323

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/yt/lib/bootstrap.php on line 325"

Anonymous US No.1199 [Reply]

guacnigpen US No.1198 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1197 [Reply]
im in school and wanna watch yt someone tell me how to hack this labtop

Anonymous US No.1196 [Reply]

Jordan US No.1157 [Reply]
and now the nations of the world,brought to you by, Yakko warner.United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru
Republic Dominican Cuba Dominica Saint Lucia El Salvador, too
San Marino Colombia Venezuela Honduras Guyana (and still)

Jordan US No.1158 [Reply]
(please continue the lyrics.)

Copyright Anonymous US No.1152 [Reply]
Cant watch videos due to copyright grounds.

Anonymous xx No.104 [Reply]

hi guys i am new on web rardcoock xx No.425 [Reply]
hi :) bross :)

Can you help me translate rardcoock US No.1142 [Reply]
i am from Italy %@!@o. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1143 [Reply]
Translate this INI file: https://yt.dorper.me/lib/lang/en.ini

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1144 [Reply]
Correct Link: https://yt.dorper.me/lang/en.ini

asmr cat US No.1087 [Reply]

fortnite fortnite US No.1006 [Reply]

Tea John US No.996 [Reply]

t xt No.987 [Reply]

Random New Person GB No.904 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.820 [Reply]
i see it now

Anonymous US No.805 [Reply]

mkjmkjmkjo US No.816 [Reply]

why Anonymous US No.808 [Reply]
why do you stop them from whatching videos fo a invalid argument

oofy mkjmkjmkjo US No.759 [Reply]
when ever someone sugest a feature carver be like

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.762 [Reply]
When ever someone say "lol copyright error"

? Robo US No.730 [Reply]
i don't know if you see these cause when ever i post something it just goes back to the first few posts

also few things:
can you make it that i can just use arrow keys to simply skip a few seconds instead of having to click the button with my mouse every time ?

also the problem with the "next screen" it just shows random videos

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.732 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.708 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.705 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.704 [Reply]

jo mama xx No.526 [Reply]
some videos just stop halfway and I have t restart vid

Anonymous xx No.461 [Reply]
the old lt was better

 epic pro stand xx No.423 [Reply]
dorper's down again go fucking figure

the new map of america xx No.422 [Reply]
your mom

Anonymous xx No.91 [Reply]
thanks for making this, I use it at school and its good for finding unblocked videos

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.92 [Reply]
You're welcome :-)

Anonymous xx No.227 [Reply]
trying to see if you can get on google from like other links on this website

Actually happened xx No.419 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.406 [Reply]

testing testing carver xx No.1 [Reply]
testing testing 123

Anonymous xx No.396 [Reply]
Is it possible to get a dorper unblocked for Twitch?

e trademarktm US No.20 [Reply]
i shid and fard

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.21 [Reply]
I am starting to think that making this was a mistake.