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504 gateway time-out? nyya US No.4250 [Reply]
Everytime I search something it takes forever to load and when it's done loading it says 504 Gateway Time-out. Can you please fix this issue.

Anonymous US No.4254 [Reply]
your so right

ME US No.4256 [Reply]
You need to fix this site or i will get it taken down and you will NEVER see this site again

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.4257 [Reply]
I only have so much bandwidth. 10 AM PT / 5 PM UTC is the most crouded time

No you won't.

Anonymous US No.4274 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.4275 [Reply]
How are you still at school though because of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Anonymous US No.4304 [Reply]
carver btw my school learned how to pass through the aribic scripts they blocked all your sites but not this one

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.4305 [Reply]
So https://yt.d0.cx works still?

Anonymous US No.4314 [Reply]
>>https://yt.d0.cx/ is blocked for me carver

Anonymous US No.4315 [Reply]
what i ment by there all blocked but this one i ment this https://c.d0.cx/t/4250?quote=4305 <---
the link is this chat site that you made im on

Licky Anonymous CH No.4300 [Reply]
Cute Discord alternative

Anonymous DE No.4301 [Reply]
Wow! I thought it was just like DMs but it actually has roles and permissions!

Anonymous CL No.4298 [Reply]


I have made this imageboard database as my first PHP project.
It would be really nice if you consider adding your board to the database.

Thank you very much and sorry for shilling. Have a nice day

OMFG US No.4293 [Reply]

clap your cheeks AU No.4286 [Reply]
boi sit down

Anonymous US No.4270 [Reply]
Carver plz make a new site bc my school blocked all the other sites and I have no way to watch vids plz plz plz make a lite tube site that is unblockable thanks ^O^

best boi AU No.4285 [Reply]
sup kids

Anonymous CL No.4281 [Reply]
Check out my board. Also feel free to shill yours, since I'd spam it on every mother @#$!ing board I can find.

MRFLIMFLAM US No.4273 [Reply]
hello plz make a new dorper.com bc all the alt sites and the main site got blocked :(

Anonymous US No.4269 [Reply]
all the sites are blocked for me can you make some more alt sites bc my schools blocked them all

Guru Meditation Yar AU No.4253 [Reply]
It keeps on saying guru meditation i don't know what it is please fix it

I AM THE REAL CLAIRE claire US No.4252 [Reply]
Guys it's me

I AM THE REAL CLAIRE claire US No.4251 [Reply]
Guys it's me

Anonymous US No.4249 [Reply]

ffdfdfdfd US No.4245 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.4243 [Reply]
hi what is this how do we use this

Anonymous US No.4236 [Reply]
what up

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.4235 [Reply]
Im back bois

Nigger SpaceYander US No.4234 [Reply]

macee US No.4231 [Reply]
what is this

No US No.4230 [Reply]
Wow I haven’t been in here in a while

MRFLIMFLAM US No.4224 [Reply]
die die die uwu tee hee

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.4223 [Reply]
If the site goes down sometimes it's because I get the video info from someone else and their site goes down sometimes.

Carver ★ Admin US No.4220 [Reply]
y did i copy that name woops

Carver ★ Admin US No.4219 [Reply]
hi i just want to say say hi to you carver

BOI US No.4217 [Reply]
wtf is this

Anonymous US No.4218 [Reply]

a XT No.4213 [Reply]

Anonymous XT No.4214 [Reply]

a XT No.4212 [Reply]

Наш сайт Nicolaskiz FR No.4132 [Reply]
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whats your domains cerberus US No.4088 [Reply]
what is all your domains just wondering

Claire US No.3990 [Reply]
hi everyone

Dwaz US No.3530 [Reply]
Wow another Claire imposter

ChillyAllo US No.3517 [Reply]

Claire US No.3173 [Reply]
this is so sad mine did too

Anonymous US No.2941 [Reply]
my school blocked the latest site smh

Anonymous US No.2940 [Reply]
my school blocked the latest site smh

new website Anonymous US No.2922 [Reply]
make a new website cause my school blocking

Game Survive.io US No.2892 [Reply]
Give a new site

Game Survive.io US No.2891 [Reply]
Give a new site

Survive.io US No.2890 [Reply]

Claire US No.2885 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2815 [Reply]
Change your name.

Anonymous US No.2796 [Reply]
y this called sheep home 羊 Home

Anonymous XT No.2811 [Reply]
Home page of 羊

Michael Jackson US No.2260 [Reply]
Change your name.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.2262 [Reply]
Use a tripcode.

Michael Jackson US No.2263 [Reply]
A what?

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.2264 [Reply]

R I’m fat US No.2670 [Reply]
I’m fat

Anonymous US No.2794 [Reply]
my school just blocked the sight thats for english can you send the one thing a duplicate part of the ytdorper.me thanks

Anonymous XT No.2810 [Reply]

Gabe liddic Troll nigga US No.2756 [Reply]
Hey Gabe you suckkkk

Gabe US No.2778 [Reply]
!%$# you Blake Gilmore

Claire US No.2675 [Reply]
its not very hard

Anonymous US No.2674 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.2672 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2259 [Reply]
This. Is. Confuzling.

Anonymous US No.2671 [Reply]
Not really,


Anonymous US No.2669 [Reply]
Ha, what #!$s

Reee US No.2668 [Reply]
Raaawr I’m a dinosaur

Black guy US No.2657 [Reply]
I see you are a man of culture as well.

Anonymous US No.2280 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2321 [Reply]
You need help.

dsfrgtddfg A Gamer Girl US No.2368 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.2325 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2320 [Reply]
Hi Claire! SorryI can't be on here at school. It got restricted on my school IPad.

ChadBradley69 US No.2277 [Reply]
I am good today madam

Claire US No.2276 [Reply]
i'm doing good today, how about you good sir

ChadBradley69 US No.2275 [Reply]
H ello my friends I have returned slumber how arth thou today

JQDABEAST US No.2274 [Reply]

JSAVAGE US No.2272 [Reply]
Thanks Michael!

Michael Jackson US No.2268 [Reply]
Gees anonymous. Chill out!

Anonymous US No.2267 [Reply]

JSAVAGE US No.2266 [Reply]
Yo this is pretty cool

Anonymous US No.2265 [Reply]
Yall are trash

Michael Jackson US No.2261 [Reply]
Good night everybody! 😴💤😴💤😴💤💤😴💤😴💤😴💤💤😴💤💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤💤😴💤😴💤🤕💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴

The really really REAL one Dwaz US No.2258 [Reply]
I swear they are talking to themself

The really really REAL one Dwaz US No.2257 [Reply]
I swear they are talking to themself

The really really REAL one Dwaz US No.2256 [Reply]
That. Was. Not. Me

Michael Jackson US No.2255 [Reply]
Claire privately messaged you!!??

The really REAL one Dwaz US No.2254 [Reply]
You are really annoying

Claire US No.2252 [Reply]
i'm very glad to see that everyones having a nice day today

The really REAL one Dwaz US No.2251 [Reply]
Claire private messaged me a few days ago and said she wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. Stop messing with us, it won’t work and it’s really annoying. YOUR NOT ME AND YOUR NOT CLAIRE

Claire US No.2250 [Reply]
He llo

Claire US No.2249 [Reply]
$#%$o everyone I'm back

The REAL one Dwaz US No.2246 [Reply]

The really REAL one Dwaz US No.2248 [Reply]
Michael that wasn’t me

The really REAL one Dwaz US No.2247 [Reply]
HA! I told you they don’t know you or have a crush on you! They just messing with you

Michael Jackson US No.2245 [Reply]
Dwaz, if you know who I am then put the first letter of my real name in a reply to this text.

The REAL one Dwaz US No.2244 [Reply]
I am at school I just missed da bus

Michael Jackson US No.2243 [Reply]
The real one Dwaz I wish you were here today, I want to talk to you in person.

Michael Jackson US No.2242 [Reply]
This creeping me out.

The REAL one Dwaz US No.2241 [Reply]
The last text I sent was the one about Claire, everything else was not me, even the ones that said the real one

Dwaz US No.2240 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2239 [Reply]
Ok, Good night everyone 😴😴😴💤💤💤

Michael Jackson US No.2238 [Reply]
I want to go to sleep soon so can you quickly answer my question about why you have to kill me if you tell me who you are and why you are ynroH

Michael Jackson US No.2237 [Reply]
I figured. Why are you ynroH?

Dwaz US No.2236 [Reply]
read it backwards

Michael Jackson US No.2235 [Reply]
And What does ynroH mean?

Michael Jackson US No.2234 [Reply]
WHAT??!! WHY??!!

Dwaz US No.2233 [Reply]
If i tell you i have to kill you

Dwaz US No.2232 [Reply]
Im ynroH

Michael Jackson US No.2231 [Reply]
Tell me the first letter in your last name.

Michael Jackson US No.2230 [Reply]
Here are the list of people in home room with E in their name with blond hair: Elaina and Hunter

Michael Jackson US No.2229 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2228 [Reply]
I have an e somewhere in my name

Michael Jackson US No.2227 [Reply]
The only two people I can think about right now with blond hair is Elaina and Hunter.

Dwaz US No.2226 [Reply]
Yes im in your home room i have blond hair and i sit across from you

Michael Jackson US No.2225 [Reply]
Give me hints about you so I can try and guess who you are. Ok?

Michael Jackson US No.2224 [Reply]
But I didn't tell anyone else about this chat.
Can you change your name to something more easier for me to guess who you are with?

Dwaz US No.2217 [Reply]
How do you not know who i am yet i sit across from you in hr

Michael Jackson US No.2223 [Reply]
Your in my home room?

Michael Jackson US No.2222 [Reply]
And if you do know my real name just put the first letter of it on the chat.

Michael Jackson US No.2221 [Reply]
Dwaz can you please tell me if I know who you are and if you know my real name. And give me the letter of your first name as well.

Dwaz US No.2220 [Reply]
Make me

The real one Dwaz US No.2219 [Reply]

The real one Dwaz US No.2218 [Reply]
Stop using my name

Michael Jackson US No.2216 [Reply]
Or do I? But you can't tell anyone. Not that I do want to die but I just don't see the point of ME being alive.

Michael Jackson US No.2215 [Reply]
Besides I don't want to die...

Michael Jackson US No.2214 [Reply]
Also I don't know what to do with my life anymore. What's the point of me being alive? And really think about that for a while and answer it.

Michael Jackson US No.2213 [Reply]
I just think it's kinda creepy

The real one Dwaz US No.2212 [Reply]
I also don’t know what happened to Claire, maybe she had something to and can’t take her iPad, or left it at her school...who knows

The real one Dwaz US No.2211 [Reply]
And don’t answer the anonymous

The real one Dwaz US No.2210 [Reply]
Haiden wouldn’t act like that

Michael Jackson US No.2209 [Reply]
Hewo? Is anybody here? 🥺 I’m lonely.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Michael Jackson US No.2208 [Reply]
I haven’t seen Claire on here for a while. What happened Claire?

Dwaz US No.2185 [Reply]
i love you

Michael Jackson US No.2207 [Reply]
I really need to know who you are. You need to tell me. Tell me your email for school and I will send you a private doc and you can tell me who you are. Trust me.

Anonymous US No.2181 [Reply]
what school do you go to

Michael Jackson US No.2206 [Reply]
Why? Not telling a stranger. You could come and shoot up my school for all I know.

Michael Jackson US No.2205 [Reply]
You know I had to.

Michael Jackson US No.2204 [Reply]
I had to …

Michael Jackson US No.2203 [Reply]
You mean Haiden?

The real one Dwaz US No.2201 [Reply]
The chances of it being someone we know is very VERY slim

Michael Jackson US No.2200 [Reply]
If you know who it is then tell me either tomorrow or now.

Michael Jackson US No.2199 [Reply]
Sorry to say but you might have to change your name again. And this time it’s not because of anger and jealousy.

The real one Dwaz US No.2196 [Reply]
Oh I know what you mean now, also I never pretended to be two people and that wasn’t me that posted that

The real one Dwaz US No.2195 [Reply]
Wdym I pretended to be both of them

Michael Jackson US No.2194 [Reply]
Your confusing because you said that you pretended to be both of them. The real one Dwaz

The real one Dwaz US No.2193 [Reply]
I don’t know

Michael Jackson US No.2192 [Reply]
Than who is saying they have a crush on me the real one Dwaz?

The real one Dwaz US No.2191 [Reply]
Dwaz not dwan, I’m really mad and can’t spell -.-

The real one Dwaz US No.2189 [Reply]
I swear who ever is pretending to be mom Michael Jackson the last post I sent was the one asking if you were here. Also fake Dwaz, we know each other irl so you can’t fool us

The real one Dwan US No.2190 [Reply]
Me not mom

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin(not him) US No.2187 [Reply]
wanna dp

horny daddy US No.2188 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2184 [Reply]
Honestly it wasn't that convincing

Michael Jackson US No.2183 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2182 [Reply]
did you fall for it
(me acting like 2 people)

Michael Jackson US No.2180 [Reply]
Last one for real until someone replies, Claire I'm sorry you have to read all of this. It's probably just as confusing for you as it is for me.

Michael Jackson US No.2179 [Reply]
Sorry for so many texts but one more thing if you go to the same school as me, confront me tomorrow at school. And I mean it. ( not trying to sound rude but I just really want to know who you are).

Michael Jackson US No.2178 [Reply]
Also just to tell you guys I'm a female in case you didn't know

Michael Jackson US No.2177 [Reply]
Wait, Dwaz didn't you tell Haiden about this public chat???

Michael Jackson US No.2176 [Reply]
It's confusing me pick different names

Michael Jackson US No.2175 [Reply]
Alright for real tho, who is the Dwaz that is saying they have a crush on me?

Michael Jackson US No.2160 [Reply]
Dwaz, you need to tell Lizárraga on the bus that feelings are apart of mental health and if she cares that much about my mental health that she tells people to avoid me because of it, that she can think about telling her and Michael to not tell people to avoid me.

Dwaz US No.2170 [Reply]
She said she didn’t tell anyone to avoid you, only to not get dragged into that

Dwaz US No.2173 [Reply]
I love you

Dwaz US No.2172 [Reply]
Michael Jackson you on here?

Dwaz US No.2169 [Reply]
Person who was pretending to be me... FYI we are both female, so f*** off

Dwaz US No.2168 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2167 [Reply]
The replie wasn’t me

Michael Jackson US No.2166 [Reply]
I just noticed that autocorrect put Lisa as Lizárraga. OOPS…😂🤣😂🤣

Michael Jackson US No.2165 [Reply]
Are you just pretending or are you actually Dwaz?

Michael Jackson US No.2161 [Reply]
I still have more to tell you Dwaz about it, I can’t type all of it.

Dwaz US No.2163 [Reply]
You know i have a crush on you i just get nervous to tell you in person

Michael Jackson US No.2164 [Reply]

Chat Hunter Campbell US No.2159 [Reply]
Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin
I was wondering if there is anyway you could send me the script for this chat without it being connected to this site i am trying to make a website and i want this chat but when i use the script on your main site dorper.me it has all the chats from this site and i would rather not have those
Please and Thank you
-Hunter Campbell

Dwaz US No.2158 [Reply]
And I swear tho, it’s not me!

Dwaz US No.2157 [Reply]

Claire US No.2153 [Reply]
Here we go again...

Michael Jacksoni US No.2152 [Reply]
There’s nothing you can do about it

Michael Jacksoni US No.2151 [Reply]
Make me

Michael Jackson US No.2150 [Reply]
And she changed her name to Dwaz! So you change yours to something without Michael Jackson in it!

Michael Jackson US No.2149 [Reply]
I already told my friend that there can only be ONE Michael Jackson on this chat!

Michael Jackson US No.2148 [Reply]
AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson US No.2147 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2146 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2145 [Reply]
What did I do?!? That’s not me!

Michael Jackson US No.2143 [Reply]
I feel like you are just trying to aggravate me DWAZ.

Michael Jacksoni US No.2141 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2140 [Reply]

Michael Jacksoni US No.2139 [Reply]
You don’t even know who I am

Michael Jackson US No.2138 [Reply]
Tell me now or I will hunt you down

Michael Jackson US No.2137 [Reply]

Michael Jacksoni US No.2136 [Reply]
I am THE Michael Jackson...i

Michael Jackson US No.2135 [Reply]
O already said there is only room for 1 Michael Jackson on here!

Dwaz US No.2134 [Reply]
What’s happening?

Michael Jackson US No.2133 [Reply]
Who is Michael Jacksoni????

Michael Jackson US No.2132 [Reply]
That meme was me

Michael Jacksoni US No.2131 [Reply]
Michael Jackson is stupid

Anonymous US No.2130 [Reply]
There we go. All better.

Claire US No.2129 [Reply]

Claire US No.2128 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2127 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2126 [Reply]
Wait one moment

Michael Jackson US No.2125 [Reply]
Fineeeeeeeee. Vapes can explode they can give you lung cancer and they can kill you.

Dwaz US No.2124 [Reply]
Yeah why not?

Claire US No.2123 [Reply]
Why not?

Michael Jackson US No.2122 [Reply]

Claire US No.2121 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2120 [Reply]
How about the dangers of vaping?

Michael Jackson US No.2119 [Reply]
Not me because I’ll pick something about Michael Jackson

Claire US No.2118 [Reply]
Not me

Michael Jackson US No.2117 [Reply]
Ok who wants to pic a topic?

Claire US No.2116 [Reply]

Dwaz US No.2115 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2114 [Reply]
I’m bored. Who wants to talk about some rando topic

Dwaz US No.2113 [Reply]
Change your name to Michael Jacksoni

Claire US No.2112 [Reply]
Oh, ok

Dwaz US No.2111 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2110 [Reply]
I made Michael Jackson (Sucks) change her name to Dwaz

Claire US No.2109 [Reply]
Ok, who’s Dwaz?

Dwaz US No.2108 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2107 [Reply]
I don’t want to be talking to some rando person

Claire US No.2106 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2105 [Reply]
Ok. Just checking 😊

Claire US No.2104 [Reply]
Yes it’s actually me

Michael Jackson US No.2103 [Reply]
Are you actually Claire?

Michael Jackson US No.2102 [Reply]
Oh Wait it’s supposed to be anonymous.

Claire US No.2101 [Reply]
XD lol yeah I’m here

Dwaz US No.2097 [Reply]
Michael Jacksoni

Anonymous US No.2099 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2100 [Reply]
Who is Anonymous?

Michael Jackson US No.2098 [Reply]
I did not mean to put Michael Jacksoni. Sworry

Michael Jackson US No.2096 [Reply]
Claire?? Are you there?

Dwaz US No.2095 [Reply]

Michael Jacksoni US No.2094 [Reply]
She tried to say H E L L O

Dwaz US No.2093 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2092 [Reply]
I don’t know why it’s doing that. She tried to say Hi

Michael Jackson US No.2091 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2090 [Reply]
And I made her change her name from Michael Jackson to something else

Michael Jackson US No.2089 [Reply]
She tried to spell %!$#o but it didn’t work

Michael Jackson US No.2088 [Reply]
Hiiiiiiii evrybody

Clare US No.2087 [Reply]
What’s happening

Dwaz US No.2086 [Reply]

????????? US No.2085 [Reply]
Why are you just having a problem it’s it now?

Michael Jackson US No.2084 [Reply]
Good night everybody! 😴😴💤💤

Michael Jackson US No.2083 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2082 [Reply]
Your name cannot be Michael Jackson anything. Why not Friday the 13th of Jason of something? Michael Jackson is MY idol, not yours.

Michael Jackson (?) US No.2081 [Reply]
And getting upset when you knew it was a joke

Michael Jackson (?) US No.2080 [Reply]
I’ve had this name on as a joke since you started using this? Why are you complaining now

Michael Jackson US No.2079 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2078 [Reply]
And also change your name Michael Jackson (Sucks). There is only roo, for one Michael Jackson on this chat. P.S that's one of the reasons I'm upset on here.

Michael Jackson US No.2077 [Reply]
Haha! Isaiah got to meet mango before you! I have to ask my stepmom when you can come over.

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2076 [Reply]
I want to meet Mango

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2075 [Reply]
Tell me on the bus, and that is so unfair

Michael Jackson US No.2074 [Reply]
Also Isaiah stopped by my house and me, him, Lisa, and my sister played out side with mango.

Michael Jackson US No.2073 [Reply]
I’m not telling you on a public chat!

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2072 [Reply]
Why? WTH happened?

Michael Jackson US No.2070 [Reply]
I’m never talking on here again!

Michael Jackson US No.2069 [Reply]
I’m never talking on here again!

Michael Jackson US No.2068 [Reply]
Michael Jackson (Sucks), I hate you.

ChadBradley69 US No.2065 [Reply]
Dew It

ChadBradley69 US No.2064 [Reply]
I believe this can be either my good sir Michael Jackson its all n the imagination

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2063 [Reply]
I feel like we turned a posting platform into a chat

ChadBradley69 US No.2062 [Reply]
AH yes My good sir Skool bruh that is fine sir I'm very glad

skool bruh US No.2061 [Reply]
y'all are simps

ChadBradley69 US No.2057 [Reply]
!%@!o it is I the chad how r yall today

skool bruh US No.2060 [Reply]
i am doing very good today king chadbradley69

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2059 [Reply]

ChadBradley69 US No.2058 [Reply]
AH yes the art of not understanding

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2056 [Reply]

ChadBradley69 US No.2055 [Reply]
I smeeeelll simpssss

Claire US No.2054 [Reply]
Awwwwww, thank you :)

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2053 [Reply]
I swear whoever is pretending to be Claire, I will personally hunt you down and make sure you never post here again. Ask Michael Jackson, we know each other irl and I won’t hesitate to protect my friends.

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2052 [Reply]
I knew that wasn’t her! She doesn’t use that kind of grammar

Michael Jackson US No.2051 [Reply]
I have to go I’m going to gym

Claire US No.2050 [Reply]
That’s really rude :(

Michael Jackson US No.2049 [Reply]
Who ever is pretending to be Claire I’m going to find out who you are and hurt you.

Michael Jackson US No.2048 [Reply]
Oh ok. So you were actually you up until when?
Because now I’m confused.

Claire US No.2047 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2046 [Reply]
Oh so that wasn’t you?

Michael Jackson US No.2045 [Reply]
Ok. But why in 2 days?

Claire US No.2044 [Reply]
Who typed in my name?!? Also I don’t like people who smoke

Claire US No.2043 [Reply]
ok it is my time to leave mr michael jackson but i will return in 2 days

Claire US No.2042 [Reply]
that guy is pretty cool

Michael Jackson US No.2041 [Reply]
There is an eighth grader who smokes on my bus.

Michael Jackson US No.2040 [Reply]
Note the sarcasm

Michael Jackson US No.2039 [Reply]
That’s niceeeeee.

Claire US No.2038 [Reply]
there are people who bring weed on my bus

Claire US No.2037 [Reply]
your story about being on the bus

Michael Jackson US No.2036 [Reply]
What’s cool?

Claire US No.2035 [Reply]
thats pretty cool bro

Michael Jackson US No.2034 [Reply]
If I don’t respond right away that means that I can’t be on the chat at that moment.

Michael Jackson US No.2033 [Reply]
Because I feel like I belong with my friends that are on my bus

Claire US No.2032 [Reply]
why do you not feel lonely on the bus

Black guy US No.2031 [Reply]

Claire US No.2030 [Reply]
i stayed inside the entire time and all i did was watch unus annus

Michael Jackson US No.2029 [Reply]
I always feel lonely so that didn’t really bother me. Except for on the bus. I don’t feel lonely there.

Michael Jackson US No.2028 [Reply]

Claire US No.2027 [Reply]
lets talk about how lonely we all were on valentimes day

Michael Jackson US No.2026 [Reply]
I’m bored. Pick a topic to talk about.

Claire US No.2025 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2024 [Reply]
Excuse me?!

Black guy US No.2023 [Reply]
Michael Jackson really thirstin for them toe pics

Claire US No.2022 [Reply]
yes i'm here

Michael Jackson US No.2021 [Reply]
Claire are you there?

Yeet US No.2020 [Reply]
Yeet yeet yeet yeet

Michael Jackson US No.2018 [Reply]
That was me. I just forgot to put the name at the top.

Anonymous US No.2017 [Reply]

Claire US No.2016 [Reply]
I don’t but ok

Michael Jackson US No.2015 [Reply]
Because she knows I wouldn’t say something like that Michael Jackson (sucks).

Claire US No.2014 [Reply]
Oh it was you haha

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.2013 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2012 [Reply]
Who’s the imposter now Michael Jackson (sucks)?!!

Michael Jackson US No.2011 [Reply]

Claire US No.2010 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2009 [Reply]
Tell me and I will come over ;)

Claire US No.2008 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.2007 [Reply]
Claire, are on here at your house?

Michael Jackson US No.2006 [Reply]

Billie Jean US No.2005 [Reply]
None of your buisness

Michael Jackson US No.2004 [Reply]
Billie Jean, are you a boy or a girl.

Mr Yeckly US No.2003 [Reply]
Get off here

Michael Jackson US No.2002 [Reply]
So you are a Michael Jackson fan.

Billie Jean US No.2001 [Reply]
Look at me name and go hit yourself with a bat

Michael Jackson US No.2000 [Reply]
Do you like Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson US No.1999 [Reply]
I did not expect a Billie Jean. And you actually spelled it right.

Billie Jean US No.1998 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1997 [Reply]

Billie Jean US No.1996 [Reply]
What’s with all these Michaels?

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1995 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1994 [Reply]
I also wish we could have a chat that is not public so I can tell you why I wanna know but Michael Jackson (sucks) won’t let.(she is sitting right next to me).

Michael Jackson US No.1993 [Reply]
What part? I‘m not trying to be creepy I’m just wondering.

Claire US No.1992 [Reply]
They got a point...

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1991 [Reply]
At least I did ask personal questions!

Michael Jackson US No.1990 [Reply]
Claire trust me because she knows I’m better than you Michael Jackson (Sucks)

Claire US No.1989 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1988 [Reply]
North Carolina?

Michael Jackson US No.1987 [Reply]
Don’t you say that Michael Jackson (Sucks).

Claire US No.1986 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1985 [Reply]
Don’t trust that imposter

Michael Jackson US No.1984 [Reply]
What county do you live in?

Michael Jackson US No.1983 [Reply]
Oh ok

Claire US No.1981 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1980 [Reply]
So you don’t?

Michael Jackson US No.1979 [Reply]
Oh wait sorry right. The whole stranger thing

Claire US No.1978 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1977 [Reply]
Claire, I want to know if you live in Washington county because me and Michael Jackson (Sucks) wants to share a doc with you.

Michael Jackson US No.1976 [Reply]
What do you want to talk about?

Michael Jackson US No.1975 [Reply]

Claire US No.1974 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1973 [Reply]
Me toooooooooooooo

Michael Jackson US No.1972 [Reply]
Me too.

Claire US No.1971 [Reply]
Yes, sorry I have school and can’t be on too much

Michael Jackson US No.1970 [Reply]
Claire are you on here?

Michael Jackson US No.1969 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1968 [Reply]
Ya we do know each other, and the last few messages just forget them

Ty US No.1967 [Reply]
Bruh do yall know each other

Michael Jackaon US No.1966 [Reply]
What did you say?

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1965 [Reply]
I mean never mind what I said

Michael Jackson US No.1964 [Reply]
What do you mean never mind?

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1963 [Reply]

Lisa Marie Presley US No.1962 [Reply]
Can someone tell me how to make a website? Pleeeeeeaaaaa%@$sssseeeeee?

Michael Jackson US No.1960 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1959 [Reply]
I’m bored I’ll talk to anyone right now

Michael Jackson US No.1958 [Reply]
Also Michael Jackson(sucks), how am I being wired? Is it because I want to be friends with Claire? I’m just trying to be nice and I wanna be her friend.

Michael Jackson US No.1957 [Reply]
And thanks for letting me be friends with you on the chat even tho I don’t know you well. Also Michael Jackson (sucks) when do you want me to ask my stepmom if you can come over and paint my nails or something?

Michael Jackson US No.1956 [Reply]
Your the one that ruined it Michael Jackson (sucks)!!!!!

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1955 [Reply]
Also so much for pretending to be Michael Jackson am I right?

Claire US No.1954 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1953 [Reply]
And that picture is really creeping me out and your being weird

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1952 [Reply]
True, you are a good friend

Michael Jackson US No.1951 [Reply]
Claire, if we can't be friends in real life can we atleast be friends on the chat? You don't have to tell me information about you. It's good if you don't want to but you can ask Michael Jackson (sucks) if I'm a good friend.

Michael Jackson US No.1950 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1949 [Reply]
Claire, your gonna be on here tomorrow right?

Michael Jackson US No.1947 [Reply]
Yes we do.

Claire US No.1946 [Reply]
Wait what? You do know each other!?

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1945 [Reply]
First of all I’m not professionally diagnosed, and that has nothing to do with this, and you don’t know what Claire wants.

Michael Jackson US No.1944 [Reply]
And we have the same math and science cl#%! and live in the same neighborhood.

Michael Jackson US No.1943 [Reply]
Because me and her are friends

Claire US No.1942 [Reply]
How do you know?

Michael Jackson US No.1941 [Reply]
Michael Jackson (sucks) is going to lie about it. Watch.

Michael Jackson US No.1940 [Reply]
I feel like Claire trust Michael Jackson (sucks) more when in real life she is worse than me and she is a psychopath and I’m just overly obsessed with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson US No.1939 [Reply]
I kinda want to be friends with Claire but I get that she doesn’t trust strangers. She sounds like a nice person.

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1938 [Reply]
Same, also sorry

Claire US No.1937 [Reply]
You spelled my name wrong and I also did by accident a couple of times, I’m in school and need to type quickly before I’m caught.

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1936 [Reply]
Wow Imposter Michael how rude. At least I didn’t go full out and diminish their hopes. Looks like Clair is teaching you some valuable lessons.

Michael Jackson US No.1935 [Reply]
Just kidding! Sorry Ty

Claire US No.1934 [Reply]
I’m not friends with strangers... sorry Ty

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1933 [Reply]
Don’t ask me

Michael Jackson US No.1932 [Reply]
I do TY

Ty US No.1931 [Reply]
Hey who wanna be friends

Michael Jackson US No.1928 [Reply]
We do know each other

Michael Jackson US No.1927 [Reply]
Honestly I want to die.

Clair US No.1926 [Reply]
You guys seem like you might know each other...

Clair US No.1925 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1921 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1920 [Reply]
Wait who? Also why are you asking those questions then?

Michael Jackson US No.1919 [Reply]
And what makes you think you are any better Michael Jackson (sucks)

Michael Jackson US No.1918 [Reply]
I’m not a bad person. And you know this Michael Jackson (sucks)

Michael Jackson US No.1917 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1916 [Reply]
This is a fake Micheal Jackson that is a bad person preying on these people!

Claire US No.1915 [Reply]
Not telling a stranger

Michael Jackson US No.1914 [Reply]
So you go to school or are you home schooled?

Michael Jackson US No.1913 [Reply]
I told you

Claire US No.1912 [Reply]
Its pretty nice!

Michael Jackson US No.1911 [Reply]
The name of the song is “Bad”

Michael Jackson US No.1910 [Reply]
One of his songs is bad

Michael Jackson US No.1909 [Reply]
I have to be careful because of my teacher

Michael Jackson US No.1908 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1907 [Reply]
I’m a big Michael Jackson fan but I have to say you are really smart for not trusting a stranger.

Claire US No.1906 [Reply]
I mean, just tell me a song and I’ll search it up

Michael Jackson US No.1905 [Reply]
Fineeee I’m not really michael jackson

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1904 [Reply]
Haha, take that

Claire US No.1903 [Reply]
I don’t know your and I don’t trust your link...

Michael Jackson US No.1902 [Reply]
Here is one of my songs you can listen to:

Michael Jackson US No.1901 [Reply]

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1900 [Reply]
Take that imposter

Claire US No.1899 [Reply]
I’ve never heard his music

Michael Jackson US No.1898 [Reply]
Claire, are you a Michael Jackson fan?

Michael Jackson US No.1897 [Reply]
The f**k is that?

Claire US No.1896 [Reply]
That’s mean :(

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1895 [Reply]
Too bad

Michael Jackson US No.1894 [Reply]
This has been happening ever since I became the king of pop. People love to make lies about me and it hurts me.

Claire US No.1893 [Reply]
Oh, haha?

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1892 [Reply]
Because this person is delusional

Michael Jackson US No.1891 [Reply]
No, I am not dead!

Claire US No.1890 [Reply]
Then why?....

Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1889 [Reply]
Ya, he is

Michael Jackson US No.1888 [Reply]

Claire US No.1887 [Reply]
I thought he was dead?

Michael Jackson US No.1886 [Reply]
This is the real Michael Jackson

Anonymous US No.1885 [Reply]

:p Michael Jackson (Sucks) US No.1884 [Reply]

Michael Jackson US No.1882 [Reply]
I ❤️ Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson US No.1881 [Reply]
You can watch videos just go to yt.d0.cx

Sex offender US No.1880 [Reply]
Does anyone know how to successfully slip a laxative into someone's drink?

Black guy US No.1872 [Reply]
school is a @%!$#

skool bruh US No.1871 [Reply]
school blockede my dorper so now i cannot watch unus annus with the black guy next to m questioning everything about it

birdi._ US No.1868 [Reply]
@#$@ school blocked dorper n now i cant watch my #$@% :(

Anonymous US No.1867 [Reply]
Yt.dorper has been blocked i need a new one

Evan Cotter GB No.1837 [Reply]
Anyone have any other site just incase the backup dorper gets blocked?

Totally not Tom Braidy US No.1833 [Reply]

meme riley reid US No.1654 [Reply]
who wants to post memes ?😂

Anonymous US No.1653 [Reply]

watch GB No.1651 [Reply]

watch GB No.1650 [Reply]

watch GB No.1649 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1543 [Reply]
math rules

Anonymous US No.1527 [Reply]
deeeeeeeezez nuuuuuuts

Kaitlyn US No.764 [Reply]
does anyone have any suggestions on what to watch

Anonymous xx No.391 [Reply]
Litetube and it's backup are blocked for me what should I do?

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.393 [Reply]
Try the new backup at https://yt.dawnos.us

Kaylene xx No.409 [Reply]
that doesnt work anymore either

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.410 [Reply]
The server got unplugged, it should be back up by tomorrow.

windows 10 yes HT No.14 [Reply]
u know your windows 10 install is blessed when u see this

post fresh windows 10 meme here

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.15 [Reply]
Did you actually put "succpapi" as your username?

Anonymous xx No.16 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.17 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.27 [Reply]
who care

Anonymous US No.771 [Reply]
yt dawnos no work :/

none jenna conrad xx No.70 [Reply]
i love this website

Anonymous xx No.405 [Reply]
Checking back in on if it's possible to create a dorper for Twitch

Anonymous500 xx No.392 [Reply]
LiteTube isn't working for me......help!! I wanna get my YouTube on!!

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.394 [Reply]
Try the new backup at https://yt.dawnos.us.

Anonymous xx No.390 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.235 [Reply]
litetube is not working because to much people are on it what to do.

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.236 [Reply]
It should be working by tomorrow!

me_irl Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.411 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.412 [Reply]
Also litetube machine works again

 epic pro stand xx No.424 [Reply]
thats called a lie

mkjmkjmkjo US No.758 [Reply]

lil tjay forever xx No.388 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1331 [Reply]

abc usavictor US No.18 [Reply]
meow meow meow

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.19 [Reply]

hi xx No.148 [Reply]
How do i get on youtube at school

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.151 [Reply]
Using Dorper LiteTube of course! :)

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.152 [Reply]

more suggestions Robo xx No.458 [Reply]
1.space always pauses the video without having to press the pause button every time

2.a deleting history option
"like you-tube"

3.arrows control volume option

4.in settings being able to choose what button does what

that's all for now thanks for reading

oofy oof US No.770 [Reply]
why u tryna delete ur history ?!?!?!

Anonymous US No.1285 [Reply]

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1295 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1277 [Reply]
Are we going to be able to search channels up and find their channel icon?

Anonymous US No.1286 [Reply]
go on there video and click on there channel

Anonymous US No.1284 [Reply]

oof Anonymous US No.1281 [Reply]

Idea Hunter Campbell US No.1270 [Reply]
I was thinking you guys should make us be able to login and upload videos and stuff that would be cool and tell all creators/helpers i said great job on the site no problems ever

Anonymous US No.1248 [Reply]

Tf yall doing Lil folk US No.1221 [Reply]
Fuc% sch00l rn

Anonymous US No.821 [Reply]
yes its coming together

Lil folk US No.1220 [Reply]
Tf yall doing its school time

error Anonymous US No.1213 [Reply]
Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /www/yt/lib/bootstrap.php on line 323

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/yt/lib/bootstrap.php on line 325"

Anonymous US No.1199 [Reply]

guacnigpen US No.1198 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.1197 [Reply]
im in school and wanna watch yt someone tell me how to hack this labtop

Anonymous US No.1196 [Reply]

Jordan US No.1157 [Reply]
and now the nations of the world,brought to you by, Yakko warner.United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru
Republic Dominican Cuba Dominica Saint Lucia El Salvador, too
San Marino Colombia Venezuela Honduras Guyana (and still)

Jordan US No.1158 [Reply]
(please continue the lyrics.)

Copyright Anonymous US No.1152 [Reply]
Cant watch videos due to copyright grounds.

Anonymous xx No.104 [Reply]

hi guys i am new on web rardcoock xx No.425 [Reply]
hi :) bross :)

Can you help me translate rardcoock US No.1142 [Reply]
i am from Italy %@!@o. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1143 [Reply]
Translate this INI file: https://yt.dorper.me/lib/lang/en.ini

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin XT No.1144 [Reply]
Correct Link: https://yt.dorper.me/lang/en.ini

asmr cat US No.1087 [Reply]

fortnite fortnite US No.1006 [Reply]

Tea John US No.996 [Reply]

t xt No.987 [Reply]

Random New Person GB No.904 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.820 [Reply]
i see it now

Anonymous US No.805 [Reply]

mkjmkjmkjo US No.816 [Reply]

why Anonymous US No.808 [Reply]
why do you stop them from whatching videos fo a invalid argument

oofy mkjmkjmkjo US No.759 [Reply]
when ever someone sugest a feature carver be like

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.762 [Reply]
When ever someone say "lol copyright error"

? Robo US No.730 [Reply]
i don't know if you see these cause when ever i post something it just goes back to the first few posts

also few things:
can you make it that i can just use arrow keys to simply skip a few seconds instead of having to click the button with my mouse every time ?

also the problem with the "next screen" it just shows random videos

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.732 [Reply]

Anonymous US No.708 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.705 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.704 [Reply]

jo mama xx No.526 [Reply]
some videos just stop halfway and I have t restart vid

Anonymous xx No.461 [Reply]
the old lt was better

 epic pro stand xx No.423 [Reply]
dorper's down again go fucking figure

the new map of america xx No.422 [Reply]
your mom

Anonymous xx No.91 [Reply]
thanks for making this, I use it at school and its good for finding unblocked videos

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin xx No.92 [Reply]
You're welcome :-)

Anonymous xx No.227 [Reply]
trying to see if you can get on google from like other links on this website

Actually happened xx No.419 [Reply]

Anonymous xx No.406 [Reply]

testing testing carver xx No.1 [Reply]
testing testing 123

Anonymous xx No.396 [Reply]
Is it possible to get a dorper unblocked for Twitch?

e trademarktm US No.20 [Reply]
i shid and fard

Carver!B2r7n5jp ★ Admin US No.21 [Reply]
I am starting to think that making this was a mistake.